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June 08, 2017

Salt Pines presents a fun and educational evening with Sea Lime Lures, a Tampa based company. We will be joined by founder Clint Owens to learn about this revolutionary new offshore trolling lure design and how to use this lure in your arsenal to maximize your on the water catches.

Product Description
Sea Lime Fishing Lures provide the perfect movement of a fish in an artificial lure for an unsurpassed offshore trolling experience. Most offshore fishing lures are made with rigid plastic or have paddle tails or spoon bills that gives a somewhat stiff, unrealistic
and almost toy-like motion. The Sea Lime fluid life-like motion imitates the realistic swimming action of a baitfish using channeled water technology . Interchangeable bodies are “quick-change artists” and allow for flexibility and ease of use.

Inspiration Behind Sea Lime Lures
One blustery day in New York City, Clint Owens watched a flag whipping briskly in the wind. A passionate fisherman since his boyhood days in Florida, the flag mesmerized him and reminded him of a fish in motion. Inspiration hit and Clint had his aha moment. What if he could recreate the fluid and natural swimming action of a fish in a fishing lure? If so, wouldn’t it be a game changing experience for offshore anglers? In that moment, the concept of Sea Lime Fishing Lures was born. Flash forward
three years later to 2017: After much testing and tweaking, Sea Lime Fishing Lures, the next generation of trolling lures, has hit the market – and the open waters from its headquarters in Tampa,

How Are Sea Lime Lures Ridiculously Real?
• Patent-pending designs incorporate channeled water technology allowing the flow of water to be channeled through the lure, instead of around it.
• Interchangeable bodies change the color and pattern in a snap to feature the most effective bait for the fish being pursued.
• Channeled water technology provides versatility and effectiveness for both the average angler and the extreme kayak fisherman.
• Exclusively for trolling.
• Attracts and catches large trophy fish including king mackerel, mahi mahi and sailfish.
• Vibrantly different from anything else on the market.
• Represents the next generation of offshore trolling lures.

Sea Lime Sailfish

Sea Lime Dolphin

Sea Lime Innovation Award