World Environment Day 2018: Ditch the single use plastic

Plastic has become a huge part of our "convenient" life as Americans. From plastic straws to those little water bottles, our instant gratification culture is causing a crisis in plastic waste. Unfortunately, this is a world wide problem too. For World Environment Day 2018, we challenge you to join us in kicking single use plastic to the curb and we have 3 easy ways to help you do just that.

1. Commit to reusable shopping bags:

Are you familiar with that phrase "paper or plastic?" It is synonymous with grocery stores and other business all over the world. At Salt Pines, we switched to providing our customers with reusable bags because we know how big of an impact this can have. The simple commitment of taking your reusable bags is huge. So, next time your in the checkout and hear "paper or plastic" give a little wink and say "I have some reusable bags."

Salt Pines Reusable Shopping Bag

2. Ditch the single use plastic straw:

Some might argue this one is a little more challenging, but we have a pretty good solution for you thanks to Yeti Coolers. They have produced straw lids that fit the Rambler 20 and Rambler 30 tumblers. With a reusable straw, a custom lid that helps minimize spills, and a tumbler that can keep temperatures better than anyone in the business, how can you go wrong?

Yeti Rambler Straw Lid

3. Carry a reusable water bottle:

Americans alone used roughly 50 million plastic water bottles last year. Yeti once again, comes to the rescue here with the Rambler Bottles and Rambler Jugs. The Rambler Bottles come in 10, 26, and 36 ounce sizes with various caps to accommodate your favorite drinking style. The Rambler Jugs are perfect for those long hauls into the wild away from fresh water thanks to their gallon and half-gallon size.

Yeti Rambler Bottle


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