Python 10 Straps

The all-new Python 10s are lighter and stronger with more connection points (40 total). They feature Kammok's patented Nano Weave™ design to shed weight and bulk, while adding strength where you need it most.

  • Patented Nano Weave™ design unlike any strap in the industry – lighter, longer, stronger
  • Holds up to 500 lb per strap
  • 20 connection points per strap for versatility
  • Lighter than ever at 8.2 oz
  • Reflective tracers for low-light visibility
  • Protects tree bark with a variable width design
20 connection points per strap
Innovative Nano Weave construction
Tree-friendly variable width design
20 connection points per strap
Innovative Nano Weave construction
Tree-friendly variable width design


Lighter and stronger patented design

Our patented Nano Weave™ construction adds strength and dramatically decreases weight by nano-weaving each daisy chain connection into the webbing rather than using a traditional bar tack stitch.

We sourced high-tenacity polyester filament and paired it with our computer-aided Nano Weave construction, resulting in an industry-leading load capacity of 500 lb per strap.

20 connection points per strap

At a combined 20 feet with 20 points of connection per strap, you will be able to achieve the perfect 30º hang at any campsite.

Tree-friendly variable width design

Our patented variable width technology wraps 1.5"-wide straps on the tree, where a wider surface area better-protects tree bark and cambium.* Straps narrow to .75" where they connect to your hammock. Python 10s pack small while still retaining width where it matters.

*Geek note: Cambium is a cellular plant tissue from which phloem, xylem, or cork grows by division, resulting in secondary thickening.

No-stretch webbing

Don't end up sleeping on the ground. Our flat, high-tenacity polyester webbing ensures a static no-stretch hang, keeping your hammock at an optimal hang angle all night long.

Reflective tracers

High-visibility reflective tracers are woven into each strap, making camp easier than ever to navigate in the dark.

Never lose your stuff sack

The stuff sack is constructed with our water-resistant and abrasion-resistant Diamond Shell™ fabric and includes button snaps that quickly attach to your Roo hammock's gear loops, backpack, or ridge line for easy access.

Tech Specs

Best Use 
Unpacked Dimensions 
L 10' 2.5" × W 1.5-.75" (variable)
Combined Length 
20' 5"
Packed Dimensions 
W 3.75" × H 2.5"
Total Weight 
8.2 oz / 232 g
Max Capacity 
500 lb / 227 kg
Product Material 
Polyester webbing
Stuff Sack Material 
Diamond Shell™ 40D diamond ripstop nylon
Stuff Sack Waterproofing Treatments
1,200 mm PU coated / DWR
Connection Points 
20 Daisy-Chain Points Each
2 × Python 10 Straps