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In the Blind

OVER UNDER are no stranger to a cold, winter morning spent in the duck blind with the best of friends as well as Man's Best Friend. This simple, but unique design takes us back to December cold fronts, whistling wings and the thrill of cupping ducks into our decoy spread. You'll love the "Hurricane Grey" color of this shirt as dirt is easily hidden. Over Under feels confident that this will quickly become your base layer and "lucky" duck hunting shirt in no time! Help us in in our mission of "Preserving The Sporting Lifestyle!"

  • 100 % American Grown Pima Cotton
  • Pre-Shrunk and true to size
  • Lycra Neck and sleeve cuffs not found on inexpensive, foreign made competitor shirts
  • Grown & Sewn in USA
  • Printed with Pride in South Carolina
  • Guaranteed to get softer with each wear and wash