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Tundra 105 in White

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The Tundra 105 in white is the Paul Bunyan of the YETI line: tall, powerful and rugged. The extra headroom allows you to stack this durable cooler high with food and drinks, giving you more capacity and longer ice retention in a smaller footprint so it takes up less room in your truck or boat. The single-piece construction and molded-in hinges and tie-downs are built to last through all your adventures. If you're taking the Tundra 105 on the water, it doubles as a seat in the front center console of your boat because nature abhors a waste of space. The military-grade nylon handles make for easy maneuvering even when fully loaded, and the grizzly-proof design will foil even the most determined bear.

  • Rotomolded construction makes it armored to the core and virtually indestructible.
  • Permafrost insulation: the stronghold of cold.
  • No Sweat design keeps it dry on the outside.
  • Bearfoot non-slip feet assures your cooler stays put.
  • DoubleHaul handles: military-grade nylon rope with a heavy-duty textured grip.
  • Vortex drain system: a quick twist drains it all.
  • 5 year warranty