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About Us

We were born in a magical place, old as the day is long. Where lightning frequently illuminates the night sky and loud booming thunder commands one's attention. A place rich with lore of adventures past. We grew up with our feet in the sand and eyes on the heavens, wondering what else was out there. That wanderlust has driven our adventures in nature and spirit over the years creating the very soul of what is now known as Salt Pines.


We are the krewe of boundary breakers always keeping an eye on the next big adventure and the fun it will bring. We are a very tight knit krewe but maintain a healthy desire to explore and meet others with the same spirit. While our krewe doesn’t mind breaking a few rules here and there, we still value the importance of keeping a bit of properness in our lives. Without a code and values one might as well be a heathen. 


Our flag represents the soul of our krewe and our code that we live by. It is best described as proper piracy and was not created to strike fear into one’s heart as a traditional Jolly Roger was intended. The black of the flag represents a certain level sophistication that is found in a tuxedo or a fine evening gown. The skull on the flag represents our adventurous spirit and our willingness to break a few rules for the sake of fun. Finally, the bow tie represents our values and manners that reminds us to say please and thank you while we may or may not be robbing the booty.  


As krewe that fully supports a little mischief while still minding our manners, we welcome those with the same adventurous nature and boundary breaking souls to join us in our pursuit to expand the Salt Pines Republic of proper piracy.