About Us

Salt Pines sailed into Tampa during August of 2013 with a mission to enrich our customers' coastal lifestyle. We’re inspired by the beauty and accessibility of the outdoors in our great region of Tampa Bay. Our team of coastal adventure enthusiasts works to curate the best collection for all activities. In our eyes, the perfect day is spent on the water, golf course, beach or backyard barbecue…basically, we love life on the coast.


Salt Pines Proper Roger Spinnaker


Thriving with a krewe that embraces a bit of mischief while minding our manners, we welcome adventure seekers to join on our pursuit to expand the Salt Pines Republic.

About the Proper Roger Flag:

Since 1904, Tampa Bay has embraced the tradition of Gasparilla and its fearless leader, Jose Gaspar. This tradition, unlike any other, inspired our beloved Proper Roger flag. A true gentleman’s version of the Jolly Roger. While the traditional Jolly Roger flag instills a bit of fear and mischief, our Proper Roger flag adds a level of sophistication and embraces the spirit of the modern pirates we are, enjoying a little mischief in life’s adventures, while maintaining our values and manners.


Salt Pines Proper Roger Flag